Eye Protection
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The Quantum helmet benefits the areas of welding preparation and improves grinding functionality. It does this by allowing a flip mechanism, which houses a ADF filter, to be lifted exposing a larger viewing/grinding visor window.

This allows the welder to remain fully protected with having to lift the entire helmet shell up exposing the face.

- High impact shell design. EN175 B & ANSI Z87
- True colour ADF technology
- Side windows (shade 5) enhancing surrounding vision
- Ergonomic multiple adjustable headgear, with rear pivot pad and upright lock position
- 107x75mm view 1/1/1/1 – 5-13 ADF – Best optical class
- Clear interface design – x 3 mode options: Grind, Cutting and Weld
- Easy operation – Soft touch select buttons for function / mode adjustment
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Replacement ADF cartridge for Quantum helmet. Not including batteries.
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Replacement front cover lens for Quantum helmet.
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Replacement inside cover lens for Quantum helmet.
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Side window cover lens for Quantum helmet.
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DIN 3 UV/IR screen for Grinding visor
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DIN 5 UV/IR screen for Grinding visor