At Universal we understand that welders need PPE that’s dependable and up to the job, even for the harshest  environments. We also believe that with safety being paramount there should be no compromise to comfort.  Seeing and breathing better leads to safer and more productive work out-put. That is why we ensure our products  are of highest quality; from comfort ergonomics, to innovative features, and most of all delivering the highest  protection levels.

One  of our many goals is to provide our customers with the best tools possible so that they can focus on what they  do best: the art of welding. 

Understanding that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to protective gear, we at Universal offer a wide range of options  for our customers - including clothing, air units and masks for any type of welding job. We want our customers to feel confident knowing they have got everything they need  to be safe on the job. Whether you are working with high-pressure water or doing more traditional welding work, We  have you covered.

Here are some of the many partnerships we have at Universal: