At Universal PPE we acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibilities towards our employees, customer, suppliers, the environment and the local community.


  • We are striving for continual improvement through the implementation of our quality and environmental procedures.

  •  We have clear and fair contracts of employment with all our employees.

  • We have an Equal Opportunities Policy covering existing and prospective employees.

  •  We have training procedures designed to ensure the continual development of all employees.

  •  We have specific polices to safeguard against our employees being subjected to any form of harassment.

  •  We monitor and seek to improve customer satisfaction by recording complaints, and performance reports.

  • We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

  •  We aim to continually improve our environmental performance by preventing pollution and reducing: 

    1.  the consumption of electricity;

    2.  emissions to the atmosphere;

    3. discharges to drains;

    4.  waste sent to landfill. 

We will uphold values of fairness and honesty in dealings with customers, suppliers and employees and operate in a manner that safeguards against unfair business practices.

The Managing Director is responsible for the issuing and implementation of this policy and undertakes to make the necessary resources available. 

Should any employee have any concerns or suggestions on improvements with regards to the application of the Company‚Äôs Corporate or Social Responsibility Policy, they are invited to present them to the Managing Director in writing. 

Download the PDF here: 

Corporate Responsibility