Head, Face & Eye Protection
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Flip-up face shield with anti-fog, anti-scratch, impact resistant clear visor. Large high quality visors with the highest optical performance, bringing high-resolution and clear field of view.

Available in clear and UVIR variants.

Grinding visor can also be used in combination with the Universal Momentum and Quantum PAPR unit.
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Extremely light in weight, but strong in performance. The Pluto helmet offers premium reliability at an affordable price. The Pluto uses a high performing ADF with exceptional optical class. The Pluto helmet can be used for most arc welding processes, such as stick (MMA), MIG/MAG and many TIG applications. Easy to use this helmet is the ideal first auto-darkening shield for hobby
welders, farmers, DIY enthusiasts and maintenance or construction workers.

- Lightweight shell design. High impact resistance nylon
- 96 x 39mm 1/1/1/2 – 9-13 ADF
- Lightweight comfort headgear
- Sensitivity & delay setting
- 1 years warranty
- Dioptre lens options
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Front cover lens for Horizon helmet. 115 x 93mm